I am still mid reading but I so thankful for page four because it caused me to click in and I wanted to share a question that rose up in my head and how I addressed it and hear your thoughts. Collingwood stated:

“A person arousing emotion sets out to affect his audience in a way in which he himself is not necessarily affected…A person expressing emotion, on the contrary, is treating himself and his audience in the same kind of way; he is makign his his emotions clear to his audience, and that is what he is doing to himself”.

The arousing of emotion I deamed craft where as the expressing I termed artist. So as I thought of this I began to think of a group called Soul for Real http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cx0xzO73Amo they sang: Candy Rain. They where a One Hit Wonder–One great song and then never heard from. I began to contemplate is it the case that One Hit Wonders arent flukes? Are they simply artists only able to expess emotion effectively once. I thought about Adele and I questioned if she was simply an Artist because she was expressing her experiences/emotions. And then I research a bit and realized she also sings songs that that she has not wrote and arent related to her experiences and that made me think she has transitioned into a craft….  In closing a few questions: Do  you think having a craft is better than being an artist? What do you think about One Hit Wonders and this idea of transitioning from artist to craft?