Mudit asked in class yesterday if his previous work as an interaction designer would classify as art, but his current work as an interaction designer would be called craft. The distinction he made is that current Mudit knows what he’s doing, but past Mudit didn’t.

I don’t think Collingwood would agree with this assertion. Collingwood makes it pretty clear that art has something to do with expressing emotion (specifically, a particular emotion). The artist goes through a stage of “I feel…I don’t know what i feel” which I guess could be similar to past Mudit’s confusion about what he should be doing with interaction design. However, the distinction I’m making is that Collingwood’s artist then sets off to express the emotion she or he is feeling by creating something, and she or he experiences that emotion through that creation. After creation, the artist is no longer oppressed.

In past Mudit’s case, he is not setting out to express his confusion about interaction design through the creation of an IxD artifact. Users approaching his designs weren’t meant to interpret his design as “this ‘artist’ was obviously confused.” And past Mudit probably didn’t experience a relieving catharsis once finished with the design (other than a “glad I’m finally done” kind of catharsis, which I’m pretty sure is not what Collingwood was writing about).

As much as I would love to be able to call everything I’ve ever done out of ignorance “art,” I think we can just call it “life,” and be happy with that.