Jumping on the wagon of giving examples, I’m thinking music video (MTV).

Oh, I was watching some music video this afternoon. And to be more specific, Chinese MTVs – those sentimental, emotional ones.

Chinese MTVs got popular in the 90s where listeners can ‘see‘ a song. This form of delivery quickly became and still is a great way to advertise/promote/market a song.

I want to try to write about the reactions I had while/after watching the MTV.

The name of the song is 《而我知道》(And I Know). While watching it, I was remembering days in secondary school (equivalent of junior high/high school).All the things I did, the happiness, the heartbreak, etc. Watching the MTV invoked a certain emotion in me, that I had tied with some memories.

Now this emotion is not exactly the same each time I watch it as I draw up different memories or the interpretations of them. Which makes me wonder, as a commercial production, I’d call this a ‘craft’ which arouses a certain emotion. But that emotion isn’t quite ‘generalized’ since it differs each time. Would this then be a hybrid of both art-and-craft?

Below is the MTV that I watched, and one with English subtitle.

Chinese MTV – 而我知道 (And I Know)

With English subtitle