After reading today’s reading, I was intrigued to see clips of the parts that were being talked about so I went out and found 4 clips plus the trailer.

The first video is a trailer for the movie:

The second video is the introduction (first 10 minutes) to the movie:

The third video clip I have is from the scene where Antoine sees his mom kissing another man. You can find this scene at 4:46:

The fourth and fifth clips are from the scene where he is talking to the psychiatrist. You can find this particular scene at 9:29 in the first of these 2 videos and it finishes at the beginning of the second video:

Does anyone have any reactions to seeing bits of the actual film? Did it match what you had expected to see based off of the reading we did for today?

Lastly, I wanted to finish my post off with a quote from the reading (pg 189):

“Thus, Truffaut had now shifted from being the most influential young film critic in France to being one of its most important young directors.”

I felt that this quote reiterates how important it is to be able to see from all aspects of your profession. Based on the article we read for today, it sounded like Francois tried to imagine the film from all angles (the audience, the director, the critic, etc) and how helpful it was that he did this because it allowed so many people to relate to his work.