I think in the last class someone mentioned that how we view the movie is different now that we know the autobiography mapping behind it.

And I just want to apply that to something sort of personal.

First to set some context…

  1. My girlfriend plays the violin and so every now and then I will sit in and listen to recitals with her. I enjoy them for the most part, but often times I don’t quite understand them. So it was easy to doze off.
  2. A bunch of us went to Ireland last week and travelled to Giant’s Causeway (wikipedia). Giant’s Causeway is this very unique body of structure made up of interlocking basalt columns.

So across the sea from Giant’s Causeway is this small island called Fingal’s Cave (wikipedia), which is often time linked to legend of how Giant’s Causeway was formed. Although the uniqueness of the island should leave people in awe already, what’s famous about it was actually the composer who ‘personified’ it.

Mendelssohn, a German composer when encountered with the unique structure of Fingal’s Cave composed Hebrides Overture. Now understanding this background and having seen the sort of landscape in person, the next time I listen to Hebrides Overtune, I expect myself to have a different reaction to it.

Below is a video of the tour of the island & some part of the Hebrides Overture.