Here: Interactive ‘Starry Night’ programmed by Petros Vrellis, is a demonstration of an interactive version of Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’. Much was discussed about this sort of application during last year’s Experience Design course museum design project. I haven’t ever seen anything quite as compelling as this with interactive interpretations of paintings, and so thought that it warranted mentioning here.

What are your reactions to this sort of re-visualization of paintings? Does it even still feel like a painting? What do you appreciate (or dislike) about rendering paintings on an interactive display, that is, what is the most compelling (or repulsive) thing about this?

I think the historical and cultural significance also contribute much to how we approach an interactive painting. Interacting with a familiar painting like ‘Starry Night’ may be quite a different experience than interacting with a previously unseen work of contemporary art. So apart from the elements absent in the interactive rendering of the painting (e.g. texture, light absorption/reflection, framing, etc…) I feel like there are a whole host of factors that influence how compelling or compellingly repulsive or boring we find interactive experiences like the one presented in the video. enjoy! (or don’t)!