So I’ve been thinking about making this post the past couple of weeks.  I mostly curious what everyone’s thoughts are on the topic.

What I’ve been thinking about is that as a culture we seem to love technology.  When we look at movies though, we often portray technology as good only to a certain point, then it becomes not good (I don’t want to say evil).  If you look at movies like Terminator, 2001: A Space Odyssey, or The Matrix you can see this trend of how technology is portrayed.  It is this great and useful thing until we push it too far, then it becomes an adversary.

In thinking of the Terminator movies in particular I see this trend.  I have two critiques of the movie and I’m not sure which might be more accurate.

1 critique is that if technology becomes too advance it could usurp the human’s place as the top lifeform, and become an adversary.  So the implication is that we should be wary of technology.  It is good as long as it serves us, mindlessly.  Should it become intelligent though, that might not be a good thing.

2. The other critique that I would levy says that maybe this movie is a critique against humans.  We like the technology when it is a mindless servant.  Once it becomes more “human-like” though and develops intelligence equal or surpassing ours that we have an adversary that we will either destroy or will destroy us.

So I’m curious as to what other people make of these movies in way of a critique and what that says about our culture.  Do we fear a rival for the spot of being the most intelligent being on the planet?  Do we secretly fear technology?  Is attempting to create another form of intelligence a bad thing?

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