I think I’ve discovered a part of the problem people have been having with multiple user names etc. When I made a comment on Colin’s most recent post, I wasn’t actually signed in to wordpress, but the text fields were all auto-filled in, so I thought that was okay. Apparently it makes it act all funny. SO: when you’re about to make a comment, make sure you’re signed in (you’ll know you’re signed in if you have the charcoal-gray bar at the top of the screen and your username and picture on the right side of that bar). OR what you can do is click on the wordpress logo in the comment box, and it will “sign you in with wordpress” or something like that.

Also, I bet we could talk about this problem in interesting sign/signifier/signified/lifeworld kind of ways. Whoever does will get 2 free hugs. I was going to offer cookies, but I don’t have any on me, and I’m too lazy to get you some or make you some.