I found this TED talk video very interesting and initially posted on facebook group. Then Leo reminded me to post in on IxCulture (love the name) blog. And that reminded me of the famous quote we heard recently. So I thought posting it here would be particularly interesting.

Shilo Shiv Suleman: Using tech to enable dreaming

There are couple of reasons why I find this video interesting. Shilo dreams of magic and technology and then combines her dreams to create fresh interactions (not novel by design, but by usage in given context). She goes on to exploit existing technology to create beautiful stories that not only include animation, personalization but also has some aspects of social (although not very great) and a drive to make kids interact with real world too.

Second reason I liked this video a lot is because of the way she looks super excited all the while she was presenting. I feel inspired and would try to learn a lot of her presentation traits. In the process I will make a lot of mistakes for sure, but I can count on all of you to help me on that.


Also, this video by Joe Sabia: The technology of storytelling is also very fascinating particularly because of the choice of interactive medium (iPad) in this case. Although I think the current way he presented was not ‘beautiful’ but I really liked that he was switching the  modes while telling the story. Using the tool to the best of its capability in the given context. I feel very soon we will have a solution that allows you to switch between multiple contexts within a session, so you don’t end up putting links inside the ppt, but create collections like on Pinterest and arrange things in order you want to present.


This post is not a critique from visual culture stand point, I need to do that as well but I’ll do that later. Let me know what you think.