I was thinking about signs yesterday in our discussion and as soon as the signifier was “Dog” my mind jumped to the signified as the idea of a “homie” (lol). As I sat there my mind began to question how does Ebonics fit into this discussion of signs? In the words of Jeff I thought this could be a “Juicy” topic for discussion. In questioning if this is applicable to the class I thought this is definitely within the realm of culture and then I thought about how Ebonics puts a complex twist on ‘visual’ culture.   

I thought of movies where white guys, black nerds even, would attempt to use “Ebonics” and they were the wrong sign to use the sign language. So then the rules are broken. So this concept of Ebonics and people as a sign within the sign language made me see that  within that language Everything is a sign.

Do you all think that this is true in all languages? What do you all think about the process of becoming an acceptable sign (a movie that depicts that in the context of Ebonics would be Bulworth http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118798/ )?