What a cool but slightly annoying way to present your thesis [the voice drives me nuts]. I’m sure Meghan has a boatload to talk about when it comes to “severe story-telling”.

As games evolve and become more complex, so do the stories and the ability to immerse the player. Many games are linear. You play through the same or very similar story as every other Joe, and that’s that. What I’m more interested in are games that are not linear, there is no set questline or storyline that the player follows. Games where players all have different experiences and actually experience totally different stories are much more interesting to me. The stories players have don’t necessarily have to be glamorous, its also what the player makes of it and perceives. Stories can change drastically over time, but only if the game allows for it. How boring would it be to talk to a friend in real life about your “avatar’s” story within a game if your story mirrored his/hers?