Mudit posted a comment in the “Severe” game storytelling post by Brian that got me thinking. Mudit said our profile pics were our avatars. This special nature of those pics justifies having a separate album of just profile photos for each person. The “profile pic” album is a history of our portrayal of ourselves. I can look back and see how I used to be a much bigger douche. I don’t currently consider myself a douche, but countless other people doubtlessly do, and my future selves may as well. The profile pic allows me to reflect on who I was… and through an act of comparison, allows me to understand who I am.

The new Facebook timeline is a stronger version of the same thing.  They’re both potential tools for personal reflection. That is pretty cool.

The denotation of the timeline is a list of dates and associated pictures. The connotation is a reflection of my life and a way to understand who I am, both as a function of my personal history and as a comparison to something (douche) that I no longer am (at least as I understand the term now).