first image: [first ‘The New Yorker’ cover] second image: [feb 2012 ‘The New Yorker’ cover]

I have posted these two images in order to compare and contrast them. I was struck by the subtlety of the newest cover. The original image conveys an sense of sophistication with the dapper chap examining a butterfly through his monocle. The pastel palette is calming and heavy line weight employed breaks the whole into parts that stand on their own in a manner not unlike a jig-saw puzzle that has been completed. The serif type face used is flowery in a disciplined manner, contributing to the overall sense of sophistication.

If you know nothing of the sort of magazine that ‘The New Yorker’ is, it is a bi-weekly publication that features a calender of up and coming events in New York City, political opinion pieces, poetry, fiction, book reviews, and of course, the famous single panels comics (and the caption competition), etc…all for the metropolitan minded individual. Simply carrying the magazine around and being seen with it alludes to your sense of worldliness (and wordiness?)

The second (and most recent) cover, hints at a piece of interaction culture that would escape the awareness of people in the not so distant past. First, it references the ever familiar animated ‘loading wheel’, and the blurriness of the not fully loaded image that is also familiar to those experienced in browsing images on a digital display.  It could also be seen as an acknowledgement of ‘The New Yorker”s tablet edition (available on ipad and kindle fire). The relationship between paper and digital publications is a hotly contested one, and has been spurred by the crumbling news and paper publication industry in the face of an exponentially growing audience seeking their media online in new forms to be adaptable to new types of digital devices/displays.

Personally, I enjoy having access to both. The tablet edition features extra content (the authors of fiction reading their own stories while you read along!, etc..), while I also enjoy thumbing through the pages, leaving pages open to finish at my whim, lending copies out for friends to read pieces I enjoyed, and the joy at an seeing a bi-weekly growth rate of the stack of magazine on my coffee table. I also like the ability to archive not only the print edition, but the easily accessible and destruction resistant digital version as well. If you are curious about ‘The New Yorker’ just let me know. Until then check out the monthly ‘New Yorker Fiction Podcast’ featuring contributing authors talking about (before and after) and reading their favorite short stories from past publications. I think it’s great.

Also, check out the price difference.