So I wanted to share with you all my writing topic and get your feedback. It is rough around the edges; and I have two directions I have been thinking of. Luckily this is a writing assignment that will never be written :).

I began with Collingwoods article on Craft vs Art. When I first read it my mind jumped to Six Sense and I attempted to situate the interaction (and I am using this film as an interaction) within this article.

So I have been thinking of tying these two thoughts:

1. How the Director of the film is Directing the  audience (110) through a myriad of stimulus “to produce desired reaction” (111) and

2. How the film is a craft but embedded within it is a work of art–‘expressed emotion’ (111).

However while I was thinking about this Art within a Craft I began to think about Video Diaries–as a separate interaction/paper idea. For this interaction I have been considering the direction of  Crafted Expression: Emergent emotion within a structured medium. The mixing of manipulation and emotional discovery. I don’t even know if this is clear or just rambling so I will also include rant in my categories.

Feedback desired!!!