Last week, I was under the impression that we simply had to select an interaction that we would be writing about this week. Now, I get the impression that I am wholly under-prepared to engage in our activities tomorrow. (Granted, I think I may have completely misinterpreted what the point and structure of this week would be altogether, but that is another story.) The interaction I selected was a demo that I played for a study last fall, for the XBOX game Bioshock. I guess my first order of business is trying to ascertain whether or not this is a good example of an interaction to bring into the discussion. Next, I need to decide how to approach this topic theoretically.

I admittedly have a lot of trouble recalling what we have read once more than a day or so has passed since reading and discussing the articles in class. I was thinking about exploring the distinction between arts and crafts, because I know that this one was particularly slippery for me, even as we were discussing. I also like this distinction it allows me to explore the notion of an interactive design as art; and Roger Ebert’s insistent that interactions couldn’t be art is a large part of what influenced me to take this class and explore this idea in the first place.

So, thoughts: would doing a chunk of a video game be too broad for what we are hoping to achieve with a pre-writing exercise? Would tackling the idea of interactivity and art be too bold an endeavour? Granted, this paper won’t ever actually be written, so maybe now is the perfect time to tackle and grapple with new ideas through writing in order to try to understand them. I guess I just keep going back and forth in my head about it. Any suggestions?