So here’s an interesting thought I had today.. Is the proliferation of reality TV shows, especially the competitive shows, actually making us a more critical culture? By placing celebrities (of varying status) in a role of providing critique in these shows based on their experience, is the critique they offer actually influencing society’s need to offer critique? Due to the popularity of these shows in the general public, as well as much of the public acknowledging the celebrity status of the critics they must have some influence on the people watching these shows. How much of that influence as well as the quick-fix ability to critique anything and everything on the internet is bleeding over into our physical reality?

For that matter, is the TV example really making people better critics or just making them think they should try to critique more stuff? I tend to think the latter, but in some sense the demand for more and better design in products and services would suggest that people are looking at their purchases with a more critical eye (maybe because there are simply more choices available, and in part because of the influences of major players like Apple).

Tying this loosely back to our role as designers, I wonder if this might make our lives easier coming from a critical culture as we try to offer critical analysis in our work. I realize this TV connection might be a a stretch, but it’s something interesting I’ve never considered before. Thoughts?