I was hesitant to post this while everyone was asking questions, but if I don’t do it now I’ll just forget about it again.

So our in class activity where we were breaking apart the Nightwish video, and the conversation surrounding it about how certain things fit or are assumed by key words and preconceived notions of what is and isn’t in that category reminded me of something I’d heard on Bob and Tom radio while dropping off Ash at school. It was a story about a fashion designer in London who was modeling hats by way of nude models. Not so big a jump really, and she said she did it just for the media attention she knew it would get. The thing that threw it off and put it in the “not normal” category was who one of the models were. Or maybe not so much who but how in that her state was very pregnant at the time of the show. Link to the NSFW article by the Daily Mail here.

What I guess I’m wondering is, what was the big jump from the expected with this? The naked models, or the pregnant naked model. Also, why censor out the non-pregnant models only? I’m terrible with fashion stuff, but I wanted to hit on this before it was too far gone.