link to video:

I think this is a very interesting series of videos that tries to compare Western and Japanese RPGs.

I personally don’t really know a lot about gaming (never had the money or the machine), so I’m not very familiar with what the narrator was addressing. A lot of what I know is from the projects done on capstone so far.

It was just a fun video to watch until he start to mention words like “underlying”, “surface elements” and “genre”.

The example in this video that stood out to me was when he tried to explain what defines a genre is not its (visible) mechanics but the “underlying reasons why we play a genre”. Yet gamers and developers “fall prey to it all the time” (just focusing on the mechanics). That a replica of a well-made, successful game does not equal another successful game.

In it, I saw the comparison of scientific comparison and cultural understanding. Design and develop for a user by understanding why it will be appealing to them on a deeper level, than trying to reciprocate what has worked before just base on the known elements.

Just wanted to share the video, very interesting and probably relevant.