In class today Shad used a video game example to describe the distinction between diegetic and non-diegetic…stuff. He said that menus etc. are non-diegetic and the stuff that the character in the game would see and hear is diegetic. It reminded me of this video:

This video is part of a series of cartoony machinima that tells the story of five “citizens” of world of warcraft. The main character is a Tauren warrior who wants to be “Main Tank” (MT). What I think is really interesting about this video is the way the creator is intentionally integrating traditionally non-diegetic aspects of the game in a way that now treats them diegetically (is that a word?). At 2:35, the tauren pulls out a little book and looks at a quest log, which usually would be considered a non-diegetic aspect of the game, or something that only the person controlling the character would be able to see.

Does this make any sense? I’m trying to not be too confusing for the non-WoW players while also trying to explain something in alien language haha.