Hey everyone I was curious to get some input on the topic I was thinking of doing for the final paper.  The interactive technology I was going to look at are a few of the food apps that are out there.  Things such as Yelp, UrbanSpoon, Open Table, Google places, Local Eats, and Foodspotting.  What I am looking at is the kind of behavior they promote and whom they are geared towards.  I’m looking at healthy and sustainable eating habits.  I have worked some on this with Gopi already in a different context.

I’m not sure what techniques I might be using to critique these with yet.  I haven’t started to dive into the topic.

I was curious what everyone’s thoughts on this were.  I’m also kind of on the fence if I should perhaps deal with only 1 of these apps, or deal with them as a group.  I’m not sure if dealing with them as a group will be too much or not.  For what I want to look at I prefer to deal with them as a group.  Any feedback is appreciated.