Hey all,

I watched the movie last night and I wanted to talk about it a little bit here. This is coming from the perspective of only having seen the movie thus far; I will be doing the reading after submitting this post. I was trying to understand the purpose of having Veronique appear twice in the movie as two different people living two different lives. It wasn’t until earlier today that I thought about one possible explanation for this, which is that the first time we see her — as Weronique — we are looking at her at a younger stage of life. When we get into the story of Veronique (her identical look-a-like) we are seeing a more mature, older version of the first. The scene where they discover they have someone that looks just like them (on the street with the bus and camera)  is maybe trying to visually show that there will be a transition of some kind — which is still unknown to the viewer. The only explanation I have for seeing Weronique (the first one) die is to demonstrate that she is moving on from childhood permanently into adulthood and that this transitional period was foreshadowed with the bus scene.

Did anyone else come to any of the conclusions that I came to? Or did you have another view point on why we see two different Veroniques? This post is really trying to get the ball rolling on talking about parts of the film. Feel free to comment on a different part if you found something else intriguing.