Can we consider the camera-view to be non-diegetic? Only in first-person games, does what you’re seeing reflect what the character sees. The only movie that comes to mind that does first-person the whole time is Enter the Void (I’m sure there are more). Many times in movies, the camera reveals things that the characters can’t see or know about. This gives the audience special knowledge.

Diegetic interactions

How does diegetic / non-diegetic relate to software / device interactions (besides games)?

  • When I’m texting someone, they only see my text. They may have no knowledge of the interface elements I see. So in a social application, some things are revealed to the message receiver, such as the use of italics, but some things are not shown, like the button I used to make the word italic or the menu of emoticons at my disposal.
  • On a webpage, the server and my browser are aware of lots of things (markup, cookies, hidden elements, etc…) that I do not see. I’m glad I don’t see that stuff because they’d be distracting. Are those things non-diegetic? Can we consider me and the browser as characters in the interaction?

I don’t think these are good examples, so please show me up.