So I fell in love with Bespoke Innovations as  I mentioned last week.  I believe there are multiple angles to approach this from:

  1. I thought this approach could lend itself to discussing the significance of Aesthetic Coherency of the artifact. I thought this approach while critically looking at within the Ideological and genera lenses would afford the opportunity to discuss: the designer, the designed for, and community response based on our Tyson Reading page 182.  Lars-Erik Janlert and ERIK Stolterman in the Character of things on pg 300 said: “In ascribing a certain character to an artifact we make a very simple, but powerful description that frequently will be accurate enough to help us to manage the task of handling the artifact and to appreciate the consequences of our interaction with it.”
  2. Subjectivity that impacts the Objective.
  3. Sculpting your life world.

the last two arent too flushed out…but I just wanted to give you something…