I was just going through my notes (link to others’ notes) from Interaction and came across a talk that I really enjoyed. The title of the talk is “Building a Better Starship” by Scott Nazarian from Frog (slides from slideshare).

During introduction, he explicitly differentiate a Starship and a Spaceship. The Starship is somewhere you can live on for a long period of time, whereas the Spaceship just take you to your destination. Their goals are different.

I really enjoyed the talk because it’s a different type of talk. It wasn’t about the theories of design or the experiments of design, but about how we may need to think to get from what we are doing now – designing iPhones and laptops, to designing (and constructing) Starships.

It resonates with me because we talked about Sci-Fi today – of the world that we wishes it to be. And with no shortage of starships in most science fiction, it’s probably a future that a lot of us identifies with. An ideology, a myth?

Relating to Marxist, I was wondering what is the ‘base‘, the ‘economic foundation‘ that needs to happen before we could get there. Or how can we defamiliarized ourselves from the idea to view it analytically. Or would there need to be a transformation like that of Industrial Revolution for such a drastic change to occur.

It’s kind of odd, but I felt there might be some degree of relationships there to think about.