I’ve been fairly vague in my thoughts of my paper up until this point, but I wanted to throw my thoughts out there for people to look at, discuss, and hopefully provide some direction.

What I am considering is doing a socio-cultural look at Mass Effect 3, but I want to consider my focus more on the events that occurred around the artifact, rather than simply looking at the artifact itself. Perhaps it’s the journalist in me wanting to creep out, but I look at everything that’s happened and I know something’s there. The blockbuster game was highly anticipated, and it’s not usual for a game to receive as much media attention as it’s had. TV spots are hard to come by for games, and even games that do have them, often fall off the map shortly after.

But, it’s fairly uncommon for this much to be said about a game. The protestors in a number of different moves generated nearly 80,000 dollars for Child’s Play. They sent a mass of cupcakes to Bioware in protest that were donated to charity, and as a Forbes article puts it best, are setting a precedent by giving into the ruckus, opting to even change the ending to their game, which carries heavy aesthetic implications at worst. And this is just what I can think of in the most immediate moment.

What I hope to pull from this case study, would potentially be what the wants and needs of developers are versus what the consumer looks for. This comes just on tailwind of gaming sites hearing details about new gaming systems as well, though rumors at this point are too speculative.

I didn’t distribute my time fairly between capstone and this project over the weekend, so I’m just now at a point where I’m digging for more academic knowledge, though it’s been easy for me to find the heavy dose of media source that I need.