As I was writing my other blog post about the final paper just now, I was listening to the following music video in the background:

This video, “I’m The One That’s Cool,” was just released as the third in a series of music videos from Felicia Day for The Guild. For those who don’t know, The Guild an extremely successful webisodic series that Felicia Day  a few years back about a guild of online gamers who meet in real, and their subsequent misadventures. The first music video they did a few years, as a fun little promo between seasons, is below:

This first video is so geekalicious, it almost hurts a little. It’s really fun, chock full of insider references that make gamers squee with glee, and is really cute and fun even if the jokes make zero sense to you. Their next music video (below) also continues on this playful trend of exploring gamer problems in a fun, bouncy kind of way:

The newest video, however, seems to deviate somehow from the previous. Whereas the first tow are very gamer-centric, playful, and unassuming, this third one has a different sort of flavor. It seems almost combative, and rather than focusing specifically on gamer plights, it seems to be more of a general geek anthem.

Personally, I like the new song and music video, but there’s something about the clear change in direction that this video has taken from previous ones that makes me a little uneasy. Is the music video an attempt to expand beyond the usual market for the show by focusing more generally on geekdom? Is it in response to this cultural trend of the past few years of “geek chic”? I certainly don’t have any answers, but a lot of questions now about not only my own trepidation about this video, but what it signifies for a show, a filmmaker, and a production company I adore, and the direction they could be moving….