Sometime last month, I ran across a tumblr in my research on something called “The New Aesthetic.” I didn’t think too much about the concept itself until this long essay came out yesterday in Wired. The term was coined by James Bridle last year, but it refers to a very interesting sort of quickly growing phenomenon, “‘an eruption of the digital into the physical (Sterling)”. It’s obviously something that’s been going on for a while, but it’s only recently in the past year (maybe two) that it’s seemed to be commonplace enough to feel almost normal.

It’s a concept that I personally find very relevant to this class and our field in general. I think I’m going to take the same approach of understanding as my earlier topic, focusing on the meaning-making aspects of this phenomenon (which I’ve find fascinating for some time). I haven’t quite worked out my argument yet, but I’ve got a few ideas floating around that I’ll try to articulate in the comments later. I wanted to get some feedback on this idea of “The New Aesthetic” as it relates to interaction design, and just get some general feedback from everyone on the concept itself.