While wandering/wondering around the Indiana Memorial Union I passed the student organization kiosk on the mezzanine level and was persuaded to sign up to make a movie with ‘campusmoviefest’. This was a film competition in which all of its participants had one week to shoot a film with a Panasonic video camera, a tripod, and a MacBook Pro 13″. The use of these materials was optional, and the theme/content/genre of film was left up to the discretion of the filmmaker. All of the people who assisted in the production of the film had to be students (actors or musicians did not need to be students). I spent the first two days not working on the video, but thinking about it nonetheless…

Strategy of Analysis

By recognizing the various levels of analysis at work I hope to tease apart the elements doing the work ‘on-stage’ and ‘behind-the-scenes’.  I’ll start by talking about how a surface level account of the films content and formal elements are viewed through a Marxist account of visual culture. This will look at how the story itself tells of the interaction between two strangers who represent different aspects of proletariat and bourgeois class ideology. The next level of analysis should involve something of my own personal history leading up to the films creation, my imagined audience, the film festival audience, the geographical location of the films creation/screening/post-internet-embedding, while not forgetting the economic/professional incentive provided by the film festival organizers at ‘’. Lastly, I would like to be able to talk about how the films content and formal elements interact with and inform, reinforce, or undermine the values present in the films more immediate context. That is, how the film aligns with or contradicts my own values, the values of the audience, the values of, or the values implicit in the materiality surrounding the creation process, the viewing process, and the film itself.

The Film Itself