In Jareds lost post on ‘a question about feminism’ (which I too can’t access) he asked why, when you go to the highest level it reverts back to being controlled by men? I like this as a theological question but I will attempt to employ interactive concepts as well. 

So in response to your question, I would like to highlight the dominate thought and behavior that I think is being portrayed through this male ‘leadership’ observation. I would call your question a context clue (pun intended) of our “patriarchal culture” (Flitterman,283), from our reading for Thursday. 

What I am seeing is that we are situated within a context—a patriarchal stage. And the male recognition that you mention is a shadow of our overarching ideology. Dunn said design is a “link between two worlds [our imagination and the external world]” (xvii).  Kellner then highlighted that “technology produce[s] mass culture that habituate[s] individuals to conform to the dominant patterns of thought and behavior” (203).

If we and our social society are a product of “industrialization of mass produced culture” (Kellner, 202) than inadvertently we are ‘telling on ourselves’ through our social patriarchal structure of leadership, which you alluded to. What we are ‘telling’ and therefore projecting our ideologies (Keller), we are revealing our “hidden social and psychological mechanisms” (Dunn, xvi).

in the end this works out quite nicely for me that there was error 404 being that i needed to make a post lol