I’m not even sure this is real, but this is such a neat idea. Having an app that monitors your sleep to tell when you’re entering in dream state and then playing music to steer your dreams in certain directions in a soothing manner. The question this leads me into though is who got to pick this music? What if their idea of a wild west dream music actually reminds me of some obscure monster flick and I end up having nightmares? Do I get to pick music that I associate with these sort of themes?

There are other products that I know exist, or are so far in development that they should be tested and or marketed soon, that help you wake up naturally, keeping track of your sleep cycles and rousing you when you come back up to stage one close to when your alarm is set. In theory, it soothes you awake because your body is already in the natural state of waking up, you just don’t always get to the wake up part without help, and that stops you from entering deep sleep again, and therefore being rudely awakened. But this is interesting. I’d like to have music that I associate with certain things (books, favorite movies, etc) if it actually worked. Thought this was an interesting design.