Bertelsen, O. W. and Pold, S. (2004) Criticism as an Approach to Interface Aesthetics
I found this paper while doing work for another class. What caught me was a nice, reasonably easy to digest bullet list which I have reproduced below. Seems like the kind of process one could easily point to when trying to explain the critical approach to an employer.

  • Analyze stylistic references in the interface.
  •  Identify the use of standards and the conformance to tradition.
  •  Materiality and remediation. Consider the materiality of the interface (e.g. code, algorithms, pixels) and discuss how it is used. Consider how the interface draws on the materiality of other media (e.g. text pages, photography, cinematic language, control panels). Discuss immediacy and hypermediacy in the interface.
  • Identify and consider various genres in the interface.
  •  Discuss the interface as a hybrid between the functional (control interface) and the cultural interface.
  •  Identify representational techniques and analyze how they work (e.g. realistic and naturalistic representations
  • vs. symbolic and allegorical representations).
  • Identify challenges to users’ expectations.
  • Consider the developmental potentials. How is development in use supported? How may the interface
  • support the development of unanticipated use?