here are some questions I came across while looking for suggestions for strengthening my arguments and thought it might help:

[Writing Analytically 2nd edition; Rosenwasser and Stephen, 2000, pg. 8]

Which details seem significant?
What is the significance of a particular detail? What does it mean?
What else might it mean? (Moves: define significant parts; make the implicit explicit)
How do the details fit together?

What do they have in common?
What does this pattern of details mean?
What else might this same pattern of details mean?

How else could it be explained? (Moves: Look for patterns of Resemblance and of Contrast)
What details don’t seem to fit?

How might they be connected with other details to form a different pattern?
What does this new pattern mean?

How might it cause me to read the meaning of individual details differently? (Moves: Look for Anomalies and Keep Asking Questions)