Hi all,

By now many of you have accounts and the rest of you should in short order. Welcome to the blog and our community of critical writing about cool technologies!

When you compose a post, please remember/do the following:

  • Give it a descriptive, short title
  • Use the Categories checkboxes (right side of the Add New Post web form) to assign keywords to the post. This is used to populate the word visualization on the left side of the front page. Do NOT leave this alone or check “Uncategorized”!
  • Optional but helpful: feel free to add custom tags manually; you can do that in the Tags box just below the Categories box on the right side of the Add New Post form.
  • Remember that the blog is viewable by the general public (though in most cases, I don’t think anyone actually looks at them, except this one guy who’s obsessed with The Double Life of Veronique and jumps in to make sure we all see things his way)
  • The first time you post or comment, Katie or I will need to manually approve you. After the first time, all your posts will happen immediately, but the first time, there will be some delay.
  • Have fun, be honest, be speculative, ask questions, etc. We’re not trying to show off here–we’re trying to look deeply at interaction designs together.

That’s it! Have fun and ask Katie or me any questions if you get stuck, are just wondering something, etc.!