I was reading the reading for next Tuesday, and the author talked about the definition of art, which makes me recalled this story below.

I was always interested in art, so I went to visit one of the most famous place in Beijing that related with art: 798. However, unfortunately, it was famous for contemporary art, which is something I didn’t expect.

And this was what I saw:


What the fxxk is this?! Obviously I know this is a woman’s breast, well, a huge breast. But why it occurs here? Shouldn’t this place exhibit something related with art? Is this a piece of art? If I say yes, I regard myself as an idiot. If I say no, I guess someone else will say I’m a idiot. So I’m an idiot either way… Never mind.

What is art? What is beauty? Why these concepts differ among different people? I guess this is because people have different values, and value is something very complex. What do you think?