This is my first visit to this blog (with all my attention to reading the posts) and my first post as well and I will be partying with all the bloggers here. I am not a good writer so please bare with me.

Computing is in a fairly mature age now a days. What was once considered a room full of vacuum tubes is not suddenly seen with the perspective of transparency and getting things done without the interference of computer. Well how much aesthetics in the use of computers matter and how they have evolved?

We make judgments on how we like a particular device as it give the “aesthetic experience” as it is now pretty much perceived as an object of art. My roommate got and iPhone 5 a couple of days back and he says “If you don’t have and iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone” and then we started a long conversation about Android VS iPhone. We both are having individual experiences with our personal devices and it is not just the device, but the ecology of the device matters us. 

If I talk in a cultural perspective, there is a form of culture surrounding these particular artifacts which is not just present but it is created and evolved by some shared understanding among people using it. As this understanding of aesthetic experience keeps on evolving, our expectations keep on growing about how a particular artifact will be aesthetically understood. Consider the best example, Oncourse. Oncourse is having an interface which pretty much everyone in the university hates. Now imagine if Oncourse was one of the first websites created then people would have liked it as hell. As we kept on developing our experiences of awesome experiences on the web and the designers kept making awesome web designs, the expectations for aesthetic pleasure evolved. 

I feel that this evolution of aesthetics is supported by culture which is by itself evolving as it supports. I wonder what we might see tomorrow that will make what we are using today OBSOLETE.

I was having an overlook at CES 2013 and they had quite innovative technologies this year. I was pretty astonished by look at some of them, like the flexible displays, smart watches, etc. I just started thinking how would CES 2023 look like…. Having those flexible displays on your clothing is a very near future and what culture it might bring and what difference it will make to our current aesthetic understanding. Imagine wearing a suit of this flexible displays and then any type of clothing you want on the display. Or having facebook constantly running on your clothes. Then facebook status line will say, “What’s on your body?”, instead of, “What’s on your mind?”


The possibilities are unimaginable. I feel proud that tomorrow I will be one of those who will be contributing to this evolution and understanding of aesthetic experiences as I am contributing to its evolution.