When I first read the title and how the movie came about, I immediately thought that it must be just like Kung Pow: Enter the Fist.  It definitely caused me to roll my eyes initially.  After all, how could a movie essentially made on a whim have any real acclaim or substance?  I was definitely very wrong.  This paper on the movie legitimately made me want to go and watch the movie.  The critique was just dripping with juiciness and left me a little lost, honestly.  It was enthralling, but I really had no context to go off of without having seen the movie.  I think the confusion also came from the fact that this movie has a lot of overlapping features: people named the same, story lines that overlap, and just my general unfamiliarity with the names/characters.

One quote that really stuck out to me (related to this) as interesting about the film was the following assessment by the author:

“It is possible to see this frequent doubling of women as a misogynistic flattening, suggesting that all women are ultimately interchangeable, but since it’s true of the men in Chungking Express as well, something else seems to be going on, something about the fluidity of individual identity.”

From the reading (and having not seen the movie), it seemed that this was the pervading theme throughout the entire movie.  I think this speaks incredibly highly of the director.  The circumstances under the production of this movie seem really thrown together, but the execution and the details that the director put into the film seem to be so deliberate and precise.  I think it’s part of what is drawing me to the movie.  The fact that there are so many instances of crossing over and dual plot/stories seems fascinating.  It also seems like it could get very tedious, but since I have already read this critique, I think I would know what to expect ahead of time (at least a little bit).

One other thing that I am curious about, that seemed to me to be a parallel with another movie we previewed was the fact that there is mention constantly throughout the critique of innovative uses of images and sound.  I immediately thought of a parallel or something similar to Run Lola Run.  For those who may have seen it (I am guessing perhaps only Jeff?) is this the case?  That was one of the things (among MANY) that drew me into Run Lola Run.  The soundtrack and interesting visual elements in the movie kept me hooked the whole movie.  This may be partly due to my affinity with the techno/trance/euro genre music, but take that as you will…