Okay, I really enjoyed reading Puterschein’s type reviews. Here are some reasons why…

1. The description of the font was on a separate page before showing the font. This allowed me to imagine what the font looked like based off of his descriptions. And surprisingly, I felt like each time I finished reading and looked at the font I kept thinking “yup, that’s perfect”.

2. I loved the way he personifies the fonts. He says things like elegant, sophisticated, stands out from the crowd, honest, childlike charm, etc. He says things like “look like they went on a crash diet and have lost some vitality” – immediately I understand that this implies skinny, not as energetic. The one I couldn’t help but giggle at was the “quirky (some might say ‘endearing’)” comment about sweetheart. This is exactly how one of my friends often describes guys she’s crushing on.

3. The way he describes the maker of the font.

One can imagine the young artist, lips pursed tight with concentration, brush held too tight, the letters drawn a little too slowly and too deliberately.

This gave me a sense of the personality of the maker, helping me appreciate the font in a different perspective.

4. The author’s “takeaways”. Providing ratings and explicitly stating what those ratings mean (not a range and choosing a number within that range making us assume what he means by it). I also enjoyed the detail that the rating key was consistent with the font language.

This reading made me reflect on my own articulation of something I love: music. Often times I am talking about a band I enjoy and someone might ask me what kind of music do they play? I always find myself saying “I’ll just send you a song” in order to avoid embarrassing myself in trying to describe the music. I read music reviews and they use descriptions that might make sense to some but never to me. (side note: I recently tweeted about this–> “someone needs to create a lorem ipsum from music reviews. ‘whistling zeitgeist pillow-murmured sufi-infused comfy as citizen globetrotter'” all of those words were pulled from one music review). Anyway, point is I need to start being more creative in articulating things like music, but in a manner that people can relate to. I felt Puterschein successfully did this.