So I was meant to post this question earlier, but I finally decided to post this after I read a post about the font reading just now.

I agree with Meredith that the author personalized the fonts so that the fonts make more sense to us. That’s interesting. Why does the author personalized the fonts? How does he personalize? What I find is that he uses some analogies. He is trying to give the readers a sense of what he is talking about by linking the font with something else, something that can represent the font clearly. What else, he describes the analogy in a context, which means that he actually contextualized the thing that he used to refer to the original font. This is not something new. According to what I read in Experience Design this week, it seems that these critiques just love to use analogies to critique. Why? Why is it so popular for critiques to use analogies?

I guess my questions are not too early for this class. I’m just interested in writing.