Several of you are going to IxDA next week. That’s a good professional opportunity for you, and I support your participation! That said, I want to add a few Interaction Culture-related expectations and suggestions, as follows:

  • Be sure to write to Katie and me to let us know that you will be going. (Many of you already have–thanks!)
  • This class doesn’t recognized “excused” absences. While going to IxDa won’t hurt you or your grade, most of you will be missing two classes, which means that your attendance the rest of the semester needs to be very good.
  • Reading and blogging requirements are still in effect–take the reading on the flight with you!

Regarding the third bullet, I have a couple of suggestions.

  • IxDA-goers might coordinate with each other and divvy up the readings, so that each person can write a blog post about each person’s assigned portion of the reading (e.g., the Lamarque reading is divided into 7 or 8 sections).
  • IxDA-goers might live blog from the conference, happily meeting class requirements and performing a service to all of us who cannot attend it.

Have fun, be safe, and go to a Leafs game if at all humanly possible.