One example after today’s discussion about the relationship between “the author is dead” and interaction design is: customization. And a further example of customization is iPhone.

I have no idea about the original intention the designers have about iPhone, but let me just make up one here: say, to create a fashionable, multifunctional mobile platform for personal usage. People who have iPhone make it into different roles in their lives, for example, some of them make iPhone mainly as their entertainment tool, they may download related apps like YouTube, Ted, Pandara, etc. and enjoy the videos, talks, songs, etc. Some of them make iPhone mainly as their social tool, they use apps like Facebook, Twitter, Line, Talkbox, etc. to make them connected all the time.

Customization is one reason that I think why iPhone succeeded, using the chief metaphor Jeff used today, it provides us a half-cooked dish with a large bowl, and we can add whatever we want to customize it. The customized dish may result as a Chinese dish, an American cuisine or whatever we like, everybody can enjoy it and in this way, the original “author/chief/designer” is “dead”…

This iPhone example also brings me an insight that, a good design won’t limite users’ intentions by the original intentions from designers, it should support them.