In juxtaposing Lamarque’s 40-page analysis of different formulations of “authorship” (which I would place in the broader category of “creative agency”) with Cross’ and Lowgren & Stolterman’s respective scholarship on designers (which I also place in the broader category of “creative agency”) I was working on a basic intuition that the inventory of formulations of creative agency in the humanities is broader than that of design, that at a minimum it would be interesting (a) to apply some of the notions explored in Lamarque speculatively to design problem spaces, and perhaps also (b) to apply critiques of formulations that Lamarque offers to similar positions being taken in design scholarship.

As an example of (a), we might ask, how might “the death of the author” help us think about certain design problem spaces? (And we have already explored this in our in-class discussion about Kow & Nardi’s paper on WoW add-ons and in Mengyao’s blog post about iPhone customization.)

As an example of (b), we might ask, “is Cross’ notion of the designer tacitly an expression theory, and if so, how do Lamarque’s criticisms of expression theory apply to Cross’ conceptualization of the designer?”

I don’t really know where this would go, but my intuition is that it would be productive to explore questions like this.