Thank you Rayne, as she gave me an idea to post this on the class blog.

It has been a lot of years now that the way we perceive time has changed. I remember reading and seeing about the watches in museums which were used in ancient periods on which time was viewed by the shadow of the pin because of the sunlight. I will not go into details of such watches here. To keep it short, it’s been a long journey of transformation of wrist watches which gives it  the form of the one worn by 007 James Bond. I remember having a watch with a cigarette lighter on it (I never smoked), and showing it off to my friends in school was a damn cool experience. I have had watches with TV remote (with which I used to change the channels in the hair saloons near my home during a climax of the movie, which every one was watching with all their attention), the old school brick game, and calculator on it. They all showed time in conventional ways, either digital or analog, which people like you and me can read.

About two weeks before, I saw a new watch in our very own CJ’s hand and got very curious to know about it. I saw it finely and now it think I want to write about it.

2013-01-17 15.04.38

You can see the physicality of the watch. It has nice metallic body, which is heavy (I felt it). It is a digital watch with a completely different system of showing the time. The Big triangle pointing to the 12 is the minute hand represents the minutes in units of 10. So it points to 10, 20, 30, and so on.. the digit in the center shows the unit position of the minute. so the the clock is now showing 03 minutes. The two small triangles point to the 3 is the hour hand. That means in the watch, the time now is 3:03. Now many of  you (including me and Rayne) might be thinking, what a stupid kind of watch is this, but what is important is why the maker of this watch made it like this, and why the user of this watch bought it?

It is apparent that the maker of this watch has one thing in mind, that is innovation. The digital watch have become old school nowadays and only out-fashioned people (like me) want to buy it. The maker seem to have thought to play with the interface of the digital watch, so that every time the user sees the time, it will be a new experience for him to view the time (probably, a challenging one). Creating something which is not just for viewing time, but making a non-ordinary experience viewing time is very clear from the creators perspective. Very little thought has been given to the user (or the ordinary user who sees time), this is more like a show piece, where the only targeted user is one who like to perceive things differently.

When I asked CJ, he said that, it is a very different experience to view time. I remember talking to Erik about Dewey’s notion of aesthetic experience. I said, even if the experience is different, if we keep on doing it regularly, it eventually becomes and ordinary experience, then the experience will loose it’s aesthetic values and becomes ordinary. I think that it will be the same case with the user of this watch. So, CJ will be able to tell time faster if we ask him the time after a month of his using the watch, then he will not think of how to see the time in the watch, that will almost become transparent for him. Is it something that the creator of this watch have thought??? Persuading people to view the time in which he (The Maker) wants to show..

Thinking socially, if a law is passed, that now on only this watch is allowed to be used to view time, how will people feel about it? If this was the first design of the wrist watch, how would be our reaction to the watch (which we are currently using) if it were released now?  Isn’t it fun to think, that our mind is trained to accept what it is already trained with. I think this is the reason why iPhone users pretty much hate other smartphones. This watch may have the influence of the futuristic thinking which is mostly coming from the Science Fiction, which makes it the watch of tomorrow, but it is completely dependent on how the users accept it, or it just get rejected like many other things in the past.

It’s 6.43 AM in the morning as I am writing this, I don’t even know what I am writing now, I think I should go to sleep or I will fall asleep in the class tomorrow.

What do you think about this watch..??? Post your comments….