Err is one of my favorite projects.

” [Jeremy Hutchison] sent emails to manufacturers around the world, asking them to produce a fairly simple and common item. He added a special requirement though: the product had to be imperfect, come with an intentional error. Moreover, the worker was in charge of deciding which kind of error, malfunction or fault he would add to the good. The artist reassured the factory that, whatever the result, he would pay for the faulty object.”

Most of the people he contacted either didn’t understand what he was asking for, or they just thought he was messing with them. But a few of them really had fun with it, and the workers who made these erroneous projects reportedly really enjoyed it.

So my question is, who is the designer here? Jeremy? The factory overseers? The worker who produced the item?

And then, to what extent does designer intent matter in these designs? After all, they’re all completely FUBAR: deformed soccer balls, combs with no teeth, skateboards with the wheels on crooked.

I’m still thinking about this, but I thought I’d throw it out there and see if anyone else had any thoughts.