As I was reading Murch paper, I couldn’t help but think about the Hitler parodies that used to run rampant on YouTube. While most of these have been pulled due to copyright, I remember the glory days when groups of us would huddle around a computer and watch various parodies over and over.

However what made these video such a great success? The dialogue is clearly not what the movie originally intended, and what comical aspect did the scene cuts contribute to the films?

As we watch these parodies, what do we expect as viewers to be the conflict? Is it purely comical? After only one or two views, we know exactly what the scene changes are, however if you were to only listen to the audio and view the (redubbed) script, it simply is not as pleasing to us. By viewing the comical script, in conjunction with the scene changes, cuts, and the actors reactions (as anticipated by the audience) my hypotheses is that the editing of the film is key to the entertainment aspect.