This post is a bit late. I had been meaning to post this over the weekend but instead you get it now. Sorry!

I saw a talk at the Interaction conference that I wanted to share with you guys. It reminded me of Interaction Culture. The talk was called Realism in Design: communicating authentic experiences for the real world. The gist of the talk was how as designers, we can look outside of design for inspiration in using realism within our storytelling. He talked about how we can present pseudo artifacts as if they already exist. He gave examples like the Blair Witch Project and War of Worlds and how these were not real yet were presented in a way that the experience of watching or listening to them convinced people that these events were real. Bringing it back to interaction design, Adam Little (the presenter) said “Interaction Designers, often tasked with designing product visions and intangible services, must embrace realism in the same way to create relevant stories and natural atmospheres that effortlessly and accurately communicate the experiences and benefits of tomorrow’s systems, particularly as they play out in the lives of real people.”

Here is a link to a bunch of examples from his presentation of how storytelling through realism can be effective for interaction design.