Well it is a little bit painful for me because of three reasons: first I have to admit I heard of its name before but I have never stood a chance to watch it yet, (and where I can watch it for free by the way) and second when I wanted to watch a movie or read a novel I believe I was just for fun but never this kind of analysis. But from now on I think I would watch any movie with some kind of professional analysis, which is painful for me to some extent. The third one, and the most important one, it will take me forever to recognize who is who in the movie, namely, I am not a fan of movie stars.

So before this movie is discussed in the class, my first thought was if there is any connection between this movie and aesthetics. Since I have never seen this movie before just like last time, I am having a hard time imagining what it would be like, which obstructs my overall understanding of what this movie is about.

Okay I am getting lost, I hope I can write more about this after this class.