After reading Murch’s reading for the week. The cuts and blinks correlation started to make sense. He talked about seeing someone when they are mad, they rarely blink as often as they would’ve if they weren’t mad. He stated it as if “this person in the grip of a single thought that he holds (and holds him) inhibiting the urge and need to blink”. I’ve seen and I have been that person being angry before. I feel that I don’t blink because of the fact that I am trying to send a message to the person that I am mad at that I am not playing with them and I am truly pissed off and hoping that they get that I’m mad without having me to get even madder and doing something that wouldn’t be good. (Don’t worry, I have never gotten past that stage of giving the stare down).

Also when Murch states ” There are places in a conversation where it seems we almost physically cannot blink or turn our heads (since we are receiving important information….”, that sentence reminds me of when I am listening to my basketball coach and I feel like I can’t look away or they might believe that I am not paying attention to them. So for that moment I go without blink which sometimes is hard to do, but once they are done with saying what they have to say I blink like ten times or so really fast to get it out of my system and continue on blinking normal.