Typeface is interesting to me because I can feel the 「emotion」 of the typeface in different situations. I remember when I was a little kid I watched a horror movie that I unfortunately forget its name, but I still remember clearly that the fonts it used scared me so much that I even dare not to go to bathroom alone at night (I turned off the voice by the way). It is weird that I cannot remember even the context of the movie but its bloody title fonts left me some unrecoverable hurt in my young mind, and that is what I mean by 「typeface can talk」. Same thing could be applied to comic books I used to read. When the characters shouted, bold and bigger handwritten fonts were used, when the characters fell in love with each other, soft and romantic fonts were used. I can clearly sense the emotion that characters wanted to express, by just looking at the fonts used. Unbelievable, but true.

So for me as an interaction designer, choosing proper fonts to represent 「emotion」 in some occasions is very important. But still I have a hard time deciding which font I should use. For those similar fonts, whether they are serif or sans serif, what kind of font is preferable? I also remember a 「convention」 that the title should use sans serif but the body text should use serif to make it clearer for readers to read. But in recently years I have seen a lot of examples that did not follow the convention, but still very properly attractive. Are principles of this kind should be strictly followed or be broken to some extent?

Also another important thing I have to mention here is that the position of typeface should also be emphasized. More than one time I have seen examples that different positions created different feelings. I am always wondering why, it just seems amazing to me, with some of, recognition science, in it. To me it is an interesting topic to dive into. I will see what we can discuss in the class.