I was really confused when I watched The 400 blows. As I posted on facebook, I had more questions at the end of the movie than its beginning.

The critique really made a difference. It’s gives you the exact picture why the movie is like that. We, in previous class, were talking about “the author is dead” not perceiving a design with respect to its author, but this movie tells that how the creator makes a difference.

It is very clear that the movie’s story had a lot of influence of Truffaut’s life, what he had seen, his culture, and many other factors, which I think the critic might not know. If this weren’t the case, it would not have been in the movie.

If it is a film or a painting, the creation has a lot of influence of the creator, I think in many of the designs, it may not be the case. This movie and its critique creates a really good exemplar of how the creator is influencing the creation.