I’m not sure that I buy this. I’m not going to go specifically into the parts of criticism, as that horse was beat to death in Prototyping, however this writing leaves more doors open than closes them. My holistic conclusion is that there can be no “right or wrong” and that any critique about a piece of art (which can even tie back to what the definition of art is) is supposedly “correct.”

I understand that many people can pull out meaning about a piece of art that even the artist doesn’t realize. This happens all the time, and furthermore happens right in front of us in Jeff’s class. I see this when one of us raises his/her hand and speaks up, and other people comment on this to bring out dialogue that was not fully articulated by the original “artist.”

Back to my first point, I am reminded of the MrBean movie. The background is that a major piece of art is bought by an art museum, and Mr.Bean, whom has no clue what he is talking about, is put in the position to give a speech about the art. In my personal opinion, his completely incorrect critique of this art cannot be rendered “incorrect” based on Carroll’s writings. You can find the link to the clip below.